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Since 1920, the Abbott Metal Book Marker has been marking lessons, important citations, and valuable research materials for  students, researchers, pastors and professionals throughout the world. They have proven a valuable tool for the organized study of valuable and sacred texts.

The unique Abbott marking system allows for up to 32 markers to be inserted into a book in various place marks for quick and easy reference.  The markers come with printed number indicators, books of the bible, or letters.  Custom indicators are also available.

We also produce these markers for use by a wide range of professions, such as medical, legal or scholarly research. Where there is a need to reference sections of a book – without causing harm – the Metal Lesson Marker is the best tool.

For more information about our products, please call us toll free at (866) 860-4220.  Our staff of friendly representatives will help you find the right Abbott book marker for you.

The markers are made in the United States and sold around the World.  Our production operation and distribution center is centrally located in the US.  The manufacturing of markers is performed on a variety of specialty machines that were built between 1920 and 1975 for the Scott Abbott Manufacturing Company.  Each process is unique to our metal markers.  That’s why for 95 years there has never been a better competing product to the Abbott Metal Book Marker.

History of the Abbott Metal Book Marker

  • 1920 – Scott Abbott creates the Abbott Marker System to make marking and reading his weekly lesson.  The book markers were so well received by his fellow Christian Scientists he starts building and selling sets for both the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy.

  • 1920 – 1940′s – The Scott Abbott Manufacturing Company manufacturers as many as 9,000 sets of markers per year.  All markers were made by hand with little or no automation.  The blued clock spring steel used in the markers is cleared with a varnish that is dried using a gas flame drying system.  Little or no electricity was used in the very early days of the marker manufacturing.

  • 1950′s – Scott Abbott’s son, Clayton Abbott takes over the family business and continues making the markers.  Production volume is limited due to the manufacturing process which is mostly unchanged since the original markers were created.

  • 1970 – Clayton Abbott sells the Scott Abbott Manufacturing Co. to Joel Michaels, who was a customer/rep for the company.  The company has expended into a machine shop and is manufacturing a variety of parts.

  • 1972 – Automation of the Abbott Marker production process begins.  Several specialty machines are made to increase production due to the significant demand of the Abbott Metal Markers.

  • 1975 – Demand for the markers has grow to over 50,000 sets annually.  The company is struggling to meet the demand and expands its operation and staff.  The blued spring steel material is changed to stainless steel and is painted to match the original “blued” look of the spring steel.

  • 1980′s – The demand for markers expands into the Mormon Church and is being used by Baptist preachers.  Abbott begins offering a variety of marker sizes for a variety of book sizes.  Insurance companies, research professions, lawyers, and students are now using the markers as a tool for marking important citations in research .

  • 1990′s – Abbott continues to meet the demand.  The product remains unchanged in nearly 70 years.

  • 2012 – Abbott Marker Systems, LLC purchases the metal marker division from Scott Abbott Manufacturing Co. which includes the specialized equipment, trademarks, patents, and goodwill.  Manufacturing is relocated to Oklahoma where a booming economy, lower costs, and an enthusiastic team is repositioning the Abbott Metal Book Marker brand as an invaluable tool for students who desire to study, not simply read.


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