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In today's World news travels fast.  But right here you can get the latest right from the source.  

11/1/13  The Christian Science Publishing Society has introduced a new set of textbooks.  Abbott has been asked to prove markers for this new size.  Markers will be available through Christian Science Reading Rooms.  We expect these markers to be available December 1, 2013.  For more information about the new textbooks, please contact the CSPS.


10/1/13 The Christian Science Publishing Society is now offering Abbott Lesson Markers for the expanded number of citations.  Markers have been made for each of the current publications.  The Science & Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy will feature 32 markers and the Bible will feature 26 markers.  This is a change from the original 30 and 24 markers.  Completer sets are now offered to compliment original marker sets allowing for the two additional citations without requiring the purchase of the complete set.  Contact your local Reading Room for more information.  - Abbott Book Marker Co.  (866) 860-4220

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