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Citation Markers

For students, professionals and religious leaders marking references time and time again in the book can be challenging.  Often times, citations are close to one another or subjects cross back and forth between the front and back of the book.  The Abbott citation marker was designed to make marking and referencing quick and easy and without damaging the valuable pages of a book.


Made from high grade stainless steel and aluminum, the Abbott marker is strong enough to endure decades of use being placed and replaced in and out of a book time and time again. A spring encircles the pages of the book near the spine.  This "spring belt" is how the citation markers are held into the book keeping them from falling out.  Each citation marker is made to attach to the spring belt with notches at the top and bottom which trap them tongue and groove attachment.  


Reference more than 32 citations with the Abbott system.  For nearly 100 years, Christian Science students have utilitized the Abbott marking system in their textbooks.  Now religions and professionals have found our reference tool of use in many other settings.

Create a perfect index of any book with all numbers in plain view and correct order at all times.

The Marking Units are made of thin round edge stainless steel and will not harm books. Units are transferred one at a time without loosening others and do not interfere with the natural opening of leaves.

Bars extend slightly beyond leaves of book and are held perfectly in place by a unique arrangement (another Abbott Marker feature).

Number tips are durable and distinct to be used as lifts in turning the pages (an Abbott Marker Feature).

Arms which swing to either page on small hinges, lie flat on a leaf and do not interfere with reading or regular use of the book.

SPRING BELT HOLDERS can be used with elastic type sets now in use ONLY if they have the wide open hook ends. CANNOT be used with Link Type sets or Old Style elastic sets with small hook ends.
Do not stretch spring belts as correct size is sent to insure efficient use. No further adjustment is necessary.


Custom Sizes Available
Abbott retailers offer an assortment of sizes to fit most common publications typically used with citation markers.  For customers with non-standard size books, Abbott offers custom fit markers with nearly any number of citation markers.  For more information on pricing and availability, contact Abbott Customer Service at (866) 860-4220.

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